Here's Why You Shouldn't See Girl With the Dragon Tattoo With Your Family

While in the literature mood right after finishing “The Hunger Games,” I convinced my family to see “Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” on our LA vacation. I figured we might as well see it while there is still buzz around it since I can’t read the 600-page novel in time to see it in theaters. So on we went. And boy, do I regret having my mom, dad, older sister and YOUNGER brother watch this movie next to me, let alone within 1000 miles of me. Here are the reasons NOT to see this movie with your family. All in all, Lisbeth and the film will crush your dreams and destroy your social life. Moral of the story? See this with friends, NOT family. 

Cheesy Stock Photos of Toasting
Cheesy Stock Photos of Toasting
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