The Top Rules of The Single Girl Society

Over the past year, I’ve shared over 50 lessons that I’ve learned in my single life to remind you that being single is more than a table for one (even when you’re eating a meal portioned for two), or going dateless to you’re cousin’s wedding — it’s a way of life.
Here are my top 10 favorite rules to live by while you’re single:

Whether you’ve read this column from the very beginning, about a year ago, or you just discovered it today, I hope that if you take away only one thing from it — that being single is all about empowerment. Take the negative stigma of being a single girl and turn it into a positive influence in your life that you can carry with you even when you’re in a relationship. Being single is your time. It’s all yours to do whatever you want with it — to make mistakes, to run as far as your mind pushes you to, to try things you never even knew existed, to laugh about it all and to truly live your own life. I’ve learned through this column that fulfillment starts with you, and being single is the perfect time to navigate what’s going to make you happy so that if you do meet someone later, you don’t end up relying on them for all of the happiness in your life. Above all, empower yourself to be yourself.
I’ve loved writing this column and reading the comments from girls who are going through the same issues as me, or as I have in the past. Before I retire the series, I want to say thank you for reading and connecting and I hope that you’ve laughed as much as you’ve learned.

Just Another Dating Horror Story
Just Another Dating Horror Story
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