Budget Stylista: Flares

Flares are a big trend this fall/winter, which is surprising as they’ve typically been a spring hit. This denim cut can add length to any height and looks good on any body type. Now that skinny jeans have become so common — they are a staple in almost everyone’s wardrobe — Stylistas are seeking a less skintight alternative. Also, 1970s fashion is enjoying a revamp this year and flares are a staple to that era of style. Below are three ways to incorporate flared denim into your winter wardrobe, including other trends such as colored denim and sequins. All below $30!

Business Casual

Jeans: Forever 21, $22.80 Blouse: H&M, $9.95 Heels: Mitsu 01, $14.97

*tuck in blouse for a more fitted and sophisticated look!

Night Out

Jeans: Old Navy, $29.00 Blouse: Forever 21, $19.80 Heels: Forever 21, $24.80

Family Holiday Party

Jeans: Forever 21, $24.80 Blouse: Ya Los Angeles, $27.99 Heels: Payless, $24.99 

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