Just Another Dating Horror Story

I’m starting to feel like the dating world is one long episode of “Aaahh! Real Monsters.” It’s big, bad, scary and always a little animated. If you didn’t read my last online dating horror story, let me give you the Sparknotes version.
Long story short, my first date was provided by a lesser-known dating website that directed me to a part-time grad student-slash-full-time a**hole. With my sparkling track record (or lack thereof), shouldn’t I just throw the towel in? No. Remember, I have Louise mentality. I’m not going to give up on love.
At the beginning of the semester, I developed a crush on a cute, quiet guy that worked in the same office that I did. He was the strong, silent type – he didn’t say much but I definitely noticed him. After some gentle chiding from my friends and coworkers, I flirted with him. Hard. It seemed like he liked it, though! He’d remember little things that I brought up in conversation and paid really close attention to everything I did. It was super flattering. I hadn’t had the butterflies about a guy in a really long time, and it felt good to have them back. I had an entire swarm in my stomach when he invited me and another pal to his birthday party one weekend.
“Y’all should come through,” he said. It was an exclusive invite – he only wanted us two even though there were a lot of other girls in the office.
After trying on everything in my closet, practicing my sexy dance moves on the bedroom wall and Googling “how to flirt with a man,” I was ready. I was determined. I was about to get myself a boo.
Unfortunately, I was tardy for the party. Traffic was crazy on my side of town. He told everyone to come at around 11 and I made it to his apartment at midnight. I texted him to let him know I was there and asked him where the festivities were.
“How many girls u wit?” was his concise response. Whoa. What in all nine levels of hell was that supposed to mean?! Would I only be granted access to the party if I brought someone else? Was I simply bait to reel in other impressionable girls like myself?
I could’ve easily been over-analyzing his five-word text message in that situation. But I didn’t like the way it made me feel. I still wasn’t about to waste the night or my outfit though. He eventually told me where the kickback was (after I told him I was in the company of three girls). His attitude was completely different from the one I was used to at the office.
He barely said hello, barely talked to me and the girls I was with and left before we could even converse fully. He breezed by us and left us in the company of complete strangers. I understand the fact that he was chocolate wasted, but still. Straighten up a little bit to greet your guests properly! That’s fiesta etiquette 101.
It’s been a while and I haven’t really talked to him since. We greet each other in the office and it stops there. My friend told me that he’s probably embarrassed about what happened that night. I’m embarrassed that I kind of embarrassed myself. But hey, that’s what happens in the dating world…right?
Is it too late to reactivate that dating profile?

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