Emo Brangelina Want to Know What You're Doing New Year's Eve [VIDEO]

Is it safe to say most of us saw 500 Days of Summer? That self-indulgent, why-am-I-even-watching-this?, aww-he’s-so-whipped, just-love-him-already!, omg-she’s-such-a-bitch masterpiece? Yeah, well, then you’re well aware that Zooey “I’m just wearing this tiaria” Deschanel and JGL are pretty much the reigning queen and king of hipsterdom.
Think about it. If Brad and Ange — with their multicultural brood, gorgeous looks and endless swagger — are the regular person’s be all and end all of fabulosity, then Zooey and Joseph (Zoeseph?) are the emo kid’s equivalent. The whiney voices, the thrift store grandma sweaters, the depressed sighs…
And just when you thought your holiday season couldn’t get any cheerier, here are our two favorite people with a very enthusiastic, very upbeat question for you.

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