One Month Challenge: Get Clear Skin, Week 4

As this month comes to an end, so does this year and this challenge. To say I finished triumphantly would be a lie. This past week I have been depressed about a number of things, mainly this blessed holiday season. With that depression and added stress, I have broken out horrendously and I have been picking a lot. I couldn’t help myself as Saturday morning arrived and I realized that I was having my first Christmas away from my parents and my plans for it were to go out drinking with friends. I ended up doing a thirty minute spree of popping everything and anything leaving my skin blotchy, bleeding and incredibly tender. I did make the best of that night, and on Sunday spent time with other ex-patriots commiserating about how much we wish were home and how much it sucked that we would be working on Monday. Also, in South Korea Christmas is considered as a couple’s holiday, so trying to find a restaurant to go to is incredibly difficult. It makes you feel extra alone and missing the ones you do love.

I would say in some ways this challenge could be deemed as successful. I know what triggers a lot of my breakouts: touching my face constantly, my stressors and a lack of care. By taking care of my skin though, even this breakout from stress is not as bad as it would have been a month ago. Knowing what triggers my picking leads me to the truth that I have to face my issues rather than scaring my face for it. If it comes to sitting on my hands in order to stop myself from picking at my skin, I guess it is what I need to do to stop it. I truly am seeing how effective my skin care line is and am glad that I am spending the money on it.

Even as I am writing this, I am still picking due to New Year’s Eve and wishing again I could be home with friends and family for it. Really, I’m thinking of buying some gloves to wear when I’m at my apartment so I can’t pick my skin all the time.

I am so thankful for all the suggestions every one has given me as well as the support. I hope some of you had better luck than myself with not picking at your skin for a month and that you are finding better skin care regimens to follow. I feel better knowing others have the same problems with their skin as I do, and I wish you all so much happiness and wellness in the next year.  Always read the ingredients on the products you use on your face! Too many chemicals can cause a lot of harm in your later years even if it treats your acne.

The face in the mirror may not always be perfect and clear, but I know that my face is truly beautiful even with my zits and face blemish. I know my friends and family love me no matter what. How I look sometimes means nothing to who I really am as a person, and if some one were to judge me based on my facial blemish or a zit they are not worth my time.

Thank you for all your support and Happy New Year!

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