Tips To Get You Back In Shape After The Holidays

Once the New Year has been rung in, it’s time to face the facts. The holiday season is over, and there is no excuse to keep gorging on Christmas cookies. You have a few more months to hide in your fat pants, but before you know it bikini season will be here, so don’t get left behind!
I know it’s a rough transition from eating like Santa to hitting the gym, so use these tips to take it slow.
First off, don’t make your New Year’s Resolution “lose 20 lbs.” This is typically a trap. You will go to the gym for maybe half of January, meanwhile still enjoying those holiday leftovers, and quit when you don’t see the results. Set realistic goals like, “I want to be able to button my jeans a little easier,” or simply promising yourself to hit the gym more regularly.
The easiest way you can get back into the routine is by not actually having a routine. Get your friends together and do something active! Go sledding or organize a ski trip. Take your gift cards to the mall and do some speed-walking laps while you shop. Go to a dance party. Take your poor dog (who is probably just as bloated from hiding under the table and stealing food) for a nice long walk. Basically just get off your lazy butt and move!
If you don’t have a gym membership at home, head over to YouTube for free work out videos. I’m personally a huge fan of Zumba! Magazines like Seventeen, Self and Cosmo always have a workout in every issue, so if you have stacks of them lying around like I do, it’s worth a shot.
Portion your holiday treats. It’s okay to have one gingerbread cookie, just not the whole batch. Watch what you get at Starbucks because behind the festive red cups are hundreds of evil empty calories. Also, beware of those other red cups. You know, the ones filled with jungle juice or Natty Ice. These disgusting college drinks are fattening — they call it a beer gut for a reason. Take it easy on the alcohol, and if you must drink realize the beer and the mixed drinks have the most calories.
Most importantly, try to ease yourself back into your normal, pre-holiday eating/exercise routine. Once you are back at school without Mom’s holiday treats things will be much easier. Try not to stress out too much about it, because if there’s one time of year to eat your weight in candy canes it’s right now!
Maura is a freshman at Rider University who enjoys fashion, writing, corny wedding TV shows and playing with her overweight (but adorable) Pomeranian. Catch her on twitter @maurahilgar.

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