Will You Watch Prison Dancer: the Musical? [Video]

Looks like the bleak holiday TV hiatus was worth it. Not only all our favorite shows returning next week, but they’re bringing a few new ones that are sure to have you saying “is this real? Seriously, CollegeCandy is this a real show?!” And I’ll tell you what. We don’t know. Youtube so kindly sent us this trailer today for the upcoming web series, Prison Dancer, and we can’t tell if this is a real show or a joke. And to be honest we’re not going to do any research beyond their somewhat legitimate Facebook page to  find out the truth because it has everything I want in a TV show: an emphasis on orange fashion, prison drama and choreographed dancing set against an unlikely background.

Just look at the description from their Facebook page:

Prison Dancer is the story of 6 Filipino prisoners whose lives are forever changed by the dancing rehabilitation program that became a worldwide viral sensation on Youtube. Using surveillance footage, interviews with inmates inside the prison, and good old fashioned investigative journalism, pop culture journalist Matt Wells uncovers the personal, poignant, hilarious and universal stories of 6 prison dancers whose group dancing turned a maximum security jailhouse into a world stage.

Behind the prison walls, we meet inmates Ruperto Poblador aka LOLA (who along with his gay minions OO OO and NANA, choreographs the first prison dance routines), HOOKAPS, (the prison hustler), SHAKESPEARE (the prison’s resident poet) and CHRISTIAN, (the prison’s newest inmate) and discovers a tale of life, death, dreams, fears and ultimately, redemption.

So, will you watch Prison Dancer this year?

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