Did You Know You Can Win Cool Stuff Every Monday?

It’s the New Year and we are feeling quite generous! Yes, CollegeCandy is an amazing website filled with juicy articles and advice that every college girl will enjoy, but we also do other fabulous things, like give away free cool stuff! Our giveaways include everything you could want — from laptops, shoes and leather jackets to ipads, gift baskets, books, and more! I mean really, who doesn’t like free stuff? We love to reward our faithful readers by giving you the best of both worlds: an unlimited source of information and new additions to your closet.

This Monday might be your lucky day! (Yep…that’s right, our giveaway contests happen every Monday.)  When you stop on the site to read up on the top stories of the day, check out the simple steps to be entered into our giveaway contests. We promise you will leave a happy CollegeCandy reader!

Click here to see our current contest, and be sure to check back every Monday when we introduce the new contest for that week!

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