In Our Makeup Bag: Lime Crime Carousel Gloss

What It Is:
Lime Crime Carousel Gloss in Candy Apple, Cherry on Top and Kaleidoscope

Why This Should Be in Your Bag:
Lime Crime is a brand known for bright colors and bold looks. Their lipsticks are my go-to when I want to play up my lips and need long-lasting pigmentation. Seriously, they stain the NEXT day. Obviously, I was beyond excited when Lime Crime announced that they were putting out lip glosses! They promise “semi-opaque coverage combined with bursts of nebulesque sparkle that comes alive in indoor lighting.” Let’s see how they stood up to those claims!
How To Use It:
The applicator on Lime Crime Carousel Glosses is a teeny, tiny brush that allows for precision application. This is necessary because the glosses are packed with pigment and glitter, which could end up giving you “clown mouth” if you’re not careful. These definitely require a mirror for application or touch-ups, so don’t forget to bring one along!
Lime Crime is known for shades that aren’t exactly “every day” and this release is no different. I thought I might be able to sheer out the purple shade, Kaleidoscope, but with no luck! Cherry on Top is a pink-coral with rainbow glitters, some of which have an iridescence to them. Candy Apple is bright red, with red, almost-iridescent sparkles. Kaleidoscope is a deep purple with purple and blue sparkles and is obviously not for the faint of heart!

(L-R with flash: Cherry on Top, Candy Apple, Kaleidoscope)

(one coat of Cherry on Top)

CC Rating: B+

Lime Crime Carousel Glosses are super pigmented, shimmery and BOLD. As with all their other products, you are going to be noticed sporting these. Those of you who prefer a pinky-nude lip for day-to-day may despise these, but girls who enjoy a statement lip from time to time will love them! You can sheer them out to a degree, but I would still consider them bold glosses.
The scent is extremely sweet and similar to MAC Lipsticks and Glasses, which I’m fine with but know some don’t like. I find that after wearing the glosses for a few minutes, the scent significantly fades. A neat feature of these, considering that they are so pigmented, is that they aren’t sticky. They are tacky enough to cling to your lips, but virtually non-stick, which surprises me. I honestly expected a super goopy, sticky gloss packed with gritty sparkles.
As an bold, statement-making lip gloss, these should get an A. The slightly overwhelming scent isn’t the only thing holding them back. As a whole gloss range, I’m dropping them to B+ mainly because of the shade selection. Lime Crime has an awesome product here, but only producing it in five shades (two of which are truly wearable) is a waste. I would love to see nudes, peaches and pinks in this range, because I think loads of people would love the formula!
If bold glosses are for you, you can check out the Lime Crime Carousel Glosses at their website, where they are $17 each. For those of you who are interested, these glosses are also Vegan!

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