Why YOU Should Read The Hunger Games

So I just finished reading The Hunger Games, the first of three novels in Suzanne Collins’ epic trilogy. After reading the book in its entirety in a little over 3.7 seconds, it’s safe to say I’m officially OBSESSED and just cannot get enough. Not only do I hope to wear a flaming dress, excel in archery, and own my very own Mockingjay, I also hope to BE just like Katniss Everdeen one day. When did poor, hungry, coal-miner’s-daughters become so damn witty and smart? I’m not sure, but I need to start eating (or not eating) whatever District 12 has been giving her.

Five pages shy of finishing chapter 27 of the unreal, addictive, enchanting novel, I made my family pause our day of vacation bonding to run to Barnes & Noble and buy the sequel, “Catching Fire.” Then it hit me… on March 23 the movie The Hunger Games will reach theaters across the country and bring my newfound obsession to life.

As a film major, I can already tell by the trailer that the cinematography, sound, and mise-en-scene will be out of this world, but it will be more than just a well-made film. Here are reasons why everyone needs to see The Hunger Games in March, and should definitely read the book before then. I promise, you will NOT be let down. And remember, may the odds be EVER in your favor.

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