Candy Dish: Hump Day

Ladies, check out 15 skills every woman should master. Also, know warning signs that the guy you’re currently talking to is not the one for you.

Guess when the busiest time for sex is?  Every year there is a sex scandal. Find out what the biggest, most surprising sex scandal of 2011 is. 

We all make countless resolutions every year, but half of them we break. But these are New Years Love Resolutions that you can actually keep. 

Have you ever had a friend that broke the Girl Code? You aren’t the only one…

Men with no baggage, don’t let the title fool you, they aren’t always that great! Ladies, stay away from bad boys too, they scream bad news!

Working women need love too, independence is sexy.

Oh No, Pop Culture’s Favorite Power Couple are now split!

No wonder why everyone loves Twilight so much – it comes with love lessons too!

Do you and your loved one practice habits of a happy couple?

Tuffy Luv Ain't No Friendstitute
Tuffy Luv Ain't No Friendstitute
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