He Said/She Said: Cuddles are Fantastic

You know what? For once I don’t have anything negative to say. Halle-freaking-lujah! Cuddles are are fantastic. Hugs are amazing. Salacious cuddles? Yes, please. Friendly hugs? Hell yes! Comforting cuddles? Great! Free hugs because I’m a ginger? Always welcome. I am a huge fan of cuddling, and I’ve been fortunate enough to not yet meet a man who ain’t one, too. In my experience, boys love cuddling and aren’t afraid to admit it.
I’ve also found that hugs are a pretty non-contentious issue. Thank heavens! Although most matters of intimacy are fraught with politics, I find hugging to be a refreshingly simple act that rarely leaves any party dissatisfied. See someone who needs a hug? Offer one up. Need a hug yourself? Go hug someone – anyone! It’s as simple as that.
Oh alright, there are a couple of rules to hugging – let’s explore:
The awkward greeting hug.
Do you go for the hug or the handshake? Are there air kisses involved? What if you only saw them yesterday? Do they get another hug? Screw it – just hug them anyway.
The tearful hug.
Let’s face it, at several points during your life you will find yourself weeping uncontrollably on some poor victim’s shoulder. Maybe it’s your boyfriend’s shoulder, maybe it’s your mum’s. Maybe it’s your long-suffering flatmate’s (um, thanks flatmate, I owe you one). Take full advantage of said shoulder – clutch for dear life, weep until you’re blotchy and hideous and your fitful gasps aren’t making any sense. Just try not to get too much snot on their shirt.
The tantalizing hug.
You’re in bed with someone very attractive. The two of you are tangled together like earphones at the bottom of a handbag. Maybe you’re kissing. Maybe you’re having a Deep and Meaningful. Maybe you’re drunk. Perhaps it’s dawn and you’ve been like that all night. Both of you want more but neither want to toe over the line. Next time cross the line. But for now, leave it at spooning.
 The airport hug.
Whether welcome hugs or farewell hugs, airport hugs are always the fiercest. Knock the wind out of the other person and squeeze ’em tight.
The friend with benefits hug. 
The general rule is don’t do it, right? Friends with benefits don’t cuddle, friends with benefits f*ck and then leave. Honestly, I’ve never understood that rule and I’ve never adhered to it. What’s wrong with cuddling up to your friend with benefits? A hug does not equate to dangerous love.
The couch hug.
Lying on the couch, snuggled up under a blanket, covert naughtiness optional.
Overall, hugs are excellent, beautiful things and you should hug more people more often. Especially us gingers, we need the love!
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