Hot or Hot Mess? Rihanna in Tom Ford

Rihanna wore this Tom Ford dress to a New Year’s Eve party in Miami. At first glance I was all about the look. I think the sleeves are awesome, love the hemline and the fact that it’s a bit longer, and even think the sash is pretty cute (normally I don’t do the whole bow thing). Here I was, thinking the outfit was pretty rocking and awesome for New Year’s…
…And then I noticed her nipple ring. Yikes. Let’s hope it wasn’t too nipply, er nippy, that night.
For me, showing this much kind of ruined the whole ensemble, even the perfectly chic Louboutins. A little bit more modesty (read: a bra, even a nude one) could go a long way. But at the end of the day, she’s still pretty banging.
So what do you think, hot or hot mess?
[Editor’s Note: Who is that cornrowed hot mess in the background? Discuss.]
Julianne is a senior originally from the Bay Area. She loves football, sushi, and sunshine. Ultimately, she spends far too much time lusting after red-soled shoes and reading fashion blogs. 

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