Zooey Deschanel is Surprisingly Thrifty

I’m a professional blog editor. I define the word thrifty on a daily basis. In fact, some days  I think I confuse thrifty with cheap…and occasionally even homeless-esque.  So I’m always shocked to find people who are living even more within a modest budget than me. Especially when that person is an A-list celebrity.
Yesterday Zooey Deschanel’s lawyer released her income and expense declaration. Not only did we find out she has three million dollars  just sitting around the bank, but she’s barely spending any of her $95,000 monthly income. She claims to only to spend $500 on eating out each month. Isn’t that like the cost of one dinner in LA? Oh and I should mention she donates money to charity on a regular basis.
Does this make Zooey my new favorite celebrity? Annoying voice, exaggerated quirks, and a weirdly spelled name aside, I think it does.

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