Jersey Shore: A Guide To The Extended Cast

Surprise, surprise: Thursday’s season five premiere of Jersey Shore collected a million viewers less than the first episode of last season, when the cast was in Italy. Some people argue that they’re sick of watching these same eight people, I argue that there’s too many extraneous characters to keep track of, especially if you’ve just tuned in…seriously, everyone looks incredibly similar!
Don’t worry, this will clear everything up. Meet all the extra people that keep stealing the airtime away from Sammi Sweetheart, The Situation, Snooki and the rest of the original cast. Once viewers are all up to speed, these guidettes and gorillas will remain on the air as long as the Kardashians do!

Who from the cast, original or extended, seriously needs to go?
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CC Interviews Reporter Lara Setrakian
CC Interviews Reporter Lara Setrakian
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