How to Look Great (Even Though You Just Rolled Out of Bed)

During winter break, I had the chance to talk to my best friend, who is more like my long-lost twin. In high school we used to spend hours in the morning with hair, makeup, and putting together outfits. While this made me late 60% of the time (and her 100% of the time), we loved it. Now that we are at different colleges and not making each other late in the morning, she asked me, “Do you still get dressed up for class now?”
Uhhh, duh? I mean if I could do it at 6 am, why can’t I do it now when I wake up at 8 am or later? She confessed to me that she has given up on looking stylish for class. How dare she?!?!
Okay, I get it. I have had a few ‘bum’ days too. And she is in a sorority, so at night she has to be dressed to the nines to attend a social or a party, so she gets some slack during the day. However, don’t for a second think she looks like a homeless person going to class.  Smart girls can use ten minutes to look great before they have to be anywhere.

So after consulting some of my ever-gorgeous friends and us some of my ever-gorgeous friends and using my own knowledge, here are my tips for looking great even though you just rolled out of bed.
I’m going to assume you stay up all night like most college students, so take five minutes to put together an outfit for the next day. When you don’t have to dig for clothes things go a lot faster.
This can work for your hair too; straighten it at night so you don’t have to do the staple messy bun on top of head look.
Change your definition of “bumming it”.Most people think this means baggy sweats, hoodie, and Uggs. So basically you look like a snowman with no shape. Ugh.
You can be comfortable without looking like crap! Leggings are just as comfy as sweats, and pair it with a long cardigan/sweater and you instantly look more put together. Yoga pants look tremendously better than big sweats. My favorite look is a long, belted cardigan, a warm scarf, and leggings.
Mix and match pieces: Clothes that can be worn in many different ways are awesome. You don’t even have to think about putting outfits together because they already go together well. A good pair of jeans, leggings, basic tees, neutral sweaters, and a brown/black boot can be incorporated with almost anything you already have in your closet. You can close your eyes, reach into your closet, and come out looking good!
Awesome Accessories: Have some statement jewels to amp up your outfits and instantly add style. Long necklaces, chandelier earrings, bangles, unique scarves, cocktail rings and more can go with basic outfits to make them more trendy and look like you took time to get dressed.
Strategize your Hair and Makeup: If you just roll out of bed, I’m assuming you have some dark circles. Purple is a great color, but not underneath your eyes. Use your time wisely and conceal the trouble spots, add a coat of mascara, and a swipe of bronzer. This makes you look healthy and more wide awake. One tip I love is applying a white, shimmery shade to the inner corner of your eye- this makes you look wide-eyed and bright.  A friend of mine wears very minimal make up, but she always does a thick line of eye liner just to her top lid. I love this look on her, because it makes her eyes the focal point and is super quick. Stock your book bag with a few lip glosses so you can apply that while you are walking to class, and instantly you look refreshed.
Your hair might look like a rat’s nest in the morning, but know your go-to quick styles that can be used to tame the beast. I love spin pins by Goody- they let me create a quick bun. This can hide kinky/frizzy hair. I’m a fan of the sleek Kim Kardashian pony tail when my roots are a little greasy. For bangs that just won’t cooperate, simply grab a couple bobby pins and twist them back.
Those are the tips I live by when I have no inspiration or motivation. They haven’t failed me yet! Good luck girls, and if you were thinking about getting me anything for Christmas, just burn your ratty size XL sweat pants and we’ll call it even.
Maura is a freshman at Rider University and loves chocolate, cheesy wedding T.V. shows, writing, fashion, and playing with her overweight (but adorable) Pomeranian. When she isn’t at class or sleeping, you can catch her on twitter @maurahilgar.

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