Current Events Cheat Sheet: The Iowa Caucus Happened. So Did a Lot of Other Things.

GOP presidential candidates Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney came out ahead in Tuesday’s Iowa Caucus, with Ron Paul trailing closely behind. In the closest race in Iowa history, conservative Santorum and longtime frontrunner Romney both got 24.5% of the vote, with Santorum behind by only 8 measly votes. Ron Paul, a candidate many commentators had written off, received 21.5% of the vote. The caucus (because it’s first) basically predicts how the next year will go until a GOP challenger is chosen so what we’ve got on our hands is a 3-way battle. Keep in mind, nothing’s a guarantee; Newt Gingrich (13.3 percent) and Rick Perry (10.3 percent) aren’t out of the race yet. It should be noted, however that Michele Bachmann (5 percent) did step down. But their not-so-great numbers mean getting back in the game won’t be easy. The New Hampshire primary is tomorrow, so stay tuned.

President Obama, America’s Commander in Chief, announced a new defense plan on Thursday that would cut $487 billion from the Pentagon’s defense budget in the next ten years. How would we save the money? By significantly downsizing the Army and Marine Corps ground troops. Lest the U.S. seem weak, the change will go along with an increased number of unmanned weapons and special forces, which are cheaper and for the most part safer. But is it a mistake to replace people with robots? We really don’t have any specific details yet, those won’t show up until the prez officially submits the plan to Congress for approval later this month.

Iran is getting closer to creating dangerous nuclear weapons. A week ago, they announced that Iranian scientists have produced the country’s first nuclear rods. Fuel-rods are a key step in the ultimate creation of an advanced nuclear weapon arsenal, and one the West thought Iran was incapable of. The last thing most U.S. politicians want is nukes in the hands of the Iranian government. Obama recently signed legislation toughening sanctions (financial penalties) against their production, and top two Republican Presidential contenders Romney and Santorum both announced they would consider launching military strikes against the country. So, basically, we’re nervous and scared.

The police showed up at the home of a little girl in Massachusetts to collect her overdue library books. 5-year-old Hailey of Charlton, Mass. had two books that were months overdue — tsk, tsk! — and the library (apparently worried they were dealing with a dangerous criminal?) contacted local police. Reportedly, Hailey burst into tears when the cops showed up and asked if she was going to be arrested and taken to jail… awwww! If you’re concerned, no, the offense won’t go on her permanent record.

Pic o’ the Week

Parent groups applauded Target for featuring a child with Downs Syndrome, 6-year-old Ryan, in their latest catalog. Here’s hoping retailers will continue to use more diverse models that accurately represent our population. Designers, are you listening?

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