Ladies, Do You Really Want to Smell Like This?

Maybe I’m wrong here but I’ve always been under the impression that girls, including me, can’t stand the nauseating scent of Axe Body Spray. It brings back memories of middle school when the boys practically showered in Axe to cover up their unrelenting B.O. It reminds me of that sleazy, thirty-something-year-old man at the club that douses himself in Axe thinking it might attract the younger college girls dancing with their friends. (Take note: Axe does not make me do this.) In fact, if I get a whiff of this scent, I really just want to run away, screaming like my life depends on it.

Thinking that all girls felt the same way, it came as a shock to me when I read this¬†article from the New York Times that Axe is moving towards adding a women’s line of body spray. Why would a woman ever¬†want to smell like a pre-teen boy with B.O. or a creepy man at a club? Either I was wrong in believing that all girls hate the smell of Axe as much as I do, or someone at Axe needs to be fired for thinking women would actually buy this product. It’s been pretty easy to avoid men who wear Axe, but if this new product spreads and becomes popular, I’m never leaving my dorm room.

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