The Weekly Ten: Best Warm Winter Drinks

The temperatures have dropped, frost has fallen, the outer part of your North Face fleeces have been added…yes my friends, we are entering the dark part of winter. The cold memories we had thought of fondly during that god awful heat wave are back with vengeance. But have no fear, lovelies, I’ll help you prepare, and I promise not to make you wear long underwear.
As someone with a strong addiction to anything hot and caffeinated (*cough* Ryan Gosling sipping coffee in his château *cough*), I’m positive I have found the best combination of drinks to not only warm your hands, toes…all extremities, but also one that will make you feel cozy inside. The kind of cozy feeling that melts hearts and makes you call Mama up just to tell her you love her. Yeah, I’m that good.
Without further adieu, here are the ten BEST winter drinks (yes, I do suggest you limit yourself to one a day…hey, gotta make a good thing last, right?)

Intro to Cooking: Brussel Sprouts
Intro to Cooking: Brussel Sprouts
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