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Teenage Moment Flashbacks [PHOTOS]


When you go off to college, all of the moments from high school fall into the teenage years and you’re suddenly an adult (“adult”). We adapt to the independent life pretty quickly and forget how, just a few years ago, things were pretty different. Mom did our laundry, and we had to ask permission to do stuff. When you stayed at home by yourself for a weekend you were both excited and slightly terrified that a serial killer was going to find you. Getting into R-rated movies when you turned 17 was one of the coolest moments, and going to the grocery store was awesome. Sometimes we revert back to our old teenage ways, like when Smart House is on TV or when we’re sick and need to be taken care of. It’s fun to look back and reflect on all those teenage moments.

We pulled some of our favorite teenage moments from Teenager Posts and it took us down memory lane. These should be a nice flashback for you too…