This Post Grad Life: Stop Thinking So Much

If I were to ever win a gold medal in the Olympics, it would be for over-thinking EVERYTHING. I guess I fit the typical girl stereotype. It’s totally like me to stand in the cosmetics aisle in Target for 80 hours trying to figure out which type of mascara I want. I’ll over-think a text I’m about to send to someone I’m dating. I’ll over-analyze a conversation I had with a friend and turn it into something it probably wasn’t in the first place. I’ll over-analyze a bedroom color if I’m painting. I’ll over-analyze…OK, you get it.
I also realize I probably made myself sound like a total freak in that last paragraph but, then again, I’m over-analyzing that too.
That being said, my new goal is to STOP. Stop over-analyzing every single little thing to a point of making up fake stories, wasting time and driving myself crazy. My philosophy has always been to have fun and leave the rest (the rest being all of those unfiltered thought process jumbled messes) so how hard can it really be? Life can’t be about wasting time freaking yourself out at the expense of everything that probably doesn’t matter anyway.
That guy that didn’t call you back? Who cares, you had FUN on the few dates you went on and got to know someone.
That one-worded text message your friend sent you after you said something that could have made her angry? You are your own person and the text message probably didn’t mean anything anyway.
The way your elbows are jiving back and forth making you look like a disoriented chicken on the dance floor? Dancing is SUPPOSED to be creative. And you look supa’ damn fly while you’re at it.
The Secret Santa gift you bought for your friend that didn’t amount to the rest of your girlfriends because you haven’t had a lot of money in a while? It’s the thought that counts and if you loved the gift–chances are she will too.
That $20 shirt at H&M you bought when you were suppose to be Christmas shopping? Go you. Gotta keep the shopper satisfied somehow.
That Friday night you spent working late and ended up missing out on a planned girls’ dinner? Life goes on, there will be more dinners and everyone will still love you.
That weird thing you said to a guy after you had a few too many Blue Moons? He probably thought it was funny and if he didn’t, it’s because it doesn’t remember.
The funny needy feeling you get when you’re alone and want someone there with you? Feel it, embrace it and good lord call up a friend and talk their ear off. Don’t apologize either.
The generic brand or the real stuff? Get the generic brand. It’s all the same anyway.
Obviously you shouldn’t live in complete ignorance. Self-awareness is one of the most important attributes out there and you want to care what others think (even though I wouldn’t mind eating Taco Bell every day and taking the world by storm in my sweatpants). But that’s one dramatic thing to another. Living a balanced life with minimal worries and very little second thoughts will make you the happiest you’ve ever been.

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