Tips for Texting Etiquette

Since I go to school in New York City, I walk about five blocks on the city streets to get to class every morning. And let me tell you, it’s dangerous out there. No, not because of muggings. Because of all the people who text and walk! Recently, the New York Times ran an article along with a funny short film about the dangers of texting and walking. Oops, guilty as charged. Their solution? Stand out of the way with your back to the wall if you need to send a text. This is a great start, but there are a few more things you should remember when texting…
Don’t text and drive! This is a million times more dangerous than texting while walking.
Don’t text while someone is talking to you. Even if you can listen and text at the same time, they probably feel like you’re not paying much attention.
Always double check that you’re sending a text to the right person. This could save you some serious embarrassment and a few friendships.
Avoid drunk texting at all costs. Seriously. Just put down the phone.
Don’t be that person who’s texting during a movie or performance. The bright light illuminating your face is a dead giveaway!
Don’t text in your lap under the table, whether you’re in class or at a family dinner. People do notice your thumbs moving, and that’s just awkward.

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