An Open Letter To My Friends Who Still Smoke

What is it about smoking that feels mysterious, or sexy, or chic? Or is that it? Do you smoke because of its image or do you smoke because it’s convenient? It gives you something to do with your hands at parties, I guess. But what else is there? Despite everything you know about smoking – emphysema, the fatality of lung cancer, the fact that it will give asthma to your kids if you keep this up – you’re still doing it. There has to be a reason.
Friends, I’m not trying to guilt-trip or shame you. Certainly, if you want to smoke – go ahead! It only hurts you (well, mostly — anyone in your direct vicinity is getting a good dose of secondhand, but hopefully, you make the conscientious choice to smoke away from others). I’m just trying to understand.

More than anything, smoking is disgusting. It smells bad. And let’s be real, you smell bad. I know you talk about how you always change your jacket from smoking outside to coming inside. I know you wear perfume, brush your teeth, wash your hair. But it’s still there. A constant scent underneath your body spray, your toothpaste. You stink, buddy. Plain and simple.
I think the worst thing is that it makes you look like you don’t care. It’s one thing to not care about what people think of you, or to not worry about intimidating other people. That’s confidence and it’s sexy. It’s different to look like you actually don’t care about yourself: your health and your future don’t matter as much to you as that cigarette. And friend, that is not sexy.
In the end, I want you to be in my future, friends. I want to get really old and cranky together. But the more I see you smoke, the more I realize you might not be there to play checkers in the park or feed pigeons together.
Friend, I hope someday you decide to quit. I’ll be there for you until that point, of course, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to contain my excitement when you make that decision.
Love always,
Michelle is a food fanatic and fashion blogger trying to find her way in a post-graduate world. When she’s not frantically applying to grad schools, she’s shopping online and pretending to be getting work done. You can follow her @lockedoutblog

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