Dorm Room Workout: Get Fly Thighs

Yes, I know it’s the middle of winter. But that doesn’t mean you can’t dream of summer days, bikinis and short shorts! Better yet, you can skip the dangerous spring crash diets and desperate workouts by staying in shape and healthy during the cold winter months. These moves will help tone and sculpt your thighs, so you can show off those gorgeous legs with pride at the first opportunity.
1. Squats

I’ll be honest. Squats aren’t much fun. But they’re one of the best moves for toning your butt, upper thighs and abs. Start standing with your feet wider apart than your hips. Your toes should point straight forward. Engage your abs to support your lower back and keep it from arching. Bend your knees and squat down as low as you can go, then straighten up. Try to keep the motion smooth and fluid, and keep your weight back in your heels to really engage your butt and hamstrings. Do 30 squats, then lower down and hold at the bottom of your squat for 30 seconds.
2. Inner Thigh Lifts

Lie on your right side, supporting your head with your right hand. Cross your left leg over your right, placing your left foot on the floor in front of your right leg. Use your left hand to hold on to your left leg and keep it in place. Now lift your right leg a few inches off the ground and lower it again. Repeat 15 times. Now lift your right leg off the floor, and try to pulse it even higher 15 times, never lowering your leg all the way to the floor until you are finished. Repeat on the other side.
 3. Hip Abduction

Lie on your right side again, this time with both legs extended. Use your right hand to support your head and place your left hand on the ground in front of you for stabilization. Lift your left leg up into the air, then lower it again to meet your right leg. Lift your leg only as high as you can without allowing it to rotate outward – the inside of your left foot and leg should always remain facing the inside of your right foot and leg. Repeat 30 times on the first side, then repeat on the other side.
4. Single Leg Kicks

Lie on your stomach, placing your forearms on the ground. Engage your abs to lift your stomach off the floor and bring your back into alignment. You want to maintain this position the entire time – this is a workout in itself! Now bend your right knee, lifting your right foot off the ground and pulsing it toward your butt twice. Lower your right foot, and repeat the same motion with your left foot. Repeat this exercise (right and left) 30 times.

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