One Month Challenge: Learn to Budget, Week 2

So after this week, I’m actually feeling a little bit guilty.
But probably not for the reasons you’re thinking. No, I didn’t go on a major shopping spree. And yes, I did actually manage to balance my checkbook. I’ve even been keeping track of my purchases, but the thing is, since it’s winter break post-holidays and high school reunions, I’ve spent pretty much this entire week watching Netflix, reading The Hunger Games, and sleeping until noon. So I haven’t actually been spending all that much. And it’s made for a pretty easy week. I didn’t even have to buy the sequel to The Hunger Games because Amazon prime members can now borrow digital editions for the Kindle for free. (Have I mentioned how much I love Amazon lately?)
So tracking my expenses hasn’t been all that difficult. But something tells me that next week, when classes start up again, and I’m doubling my caffeine, going out with friends who are back in town, and walking by stores on my way to and from class, my tracking of expenses will become a bit more strenuous.
But for now, I just seem to have to resist the temptation to not go online shopping binges. This week has made me realize that it’s more of a habit than I thought it was.
Bored? Let me check out Oh look, sent me a promotional coupon. What’s that? A LOFT ad in the magazine? That top is cute! I wonder if it’s on sale. Oh, I wonder if there is a cheaper version somewhere else. What? They’re having a sale…like they have every week. Well, it’s smarter to buy during sales isn’t it? But wait — is that a preview of their new spring collection. Oh stripes! I like stripes! And floral prints. And hey, those wedges they suggest to go with it really do work perfectly….
And one hour later I’ve filled up three separate carts with hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise. Now, normally this would be the time where I would sift through it, get rid of the doubles, and the extravagant pieces, and the one-time-wears and buy a few items I’d actually use. But this week, after doing that, I went back and actually looked at the purchases I had left. And no, I didn’t need any of them. So I emptied the cart and logged off, largely because I thought about how I would explain that purchase to you, my dear readers.
Not a monumental moment, but at least a step in the right direction, right? Right.
Jenn is a communications grad student and social media fanatic who spends her free time reading, writing, watching too much tv, and shopping for shoes she can’t afford. You can follow her on twitter @jenninzetta. 

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