The Weekly Ten: Best Movies for a Snugglefest

Growing up, snow storms are the best. You get the day off from school, spend it sledding or throwing snow balls at cars and end it all with a nice cup of hot cocoa. But, after a certain age, snow days don’t exist and you have to shovel your own driveway (which means waking up 30 minutes earlier), then try your best to drive to work among drivers who forgot how to drive (apparently weather other than sun brings that out).
However, there is one good thing about adult snow days — the days when everyone is excused from work…or you and your S.O. skip — snugglefests. It’s the one day you are excused from putting real clothes on or eating real food. You don’t even have to move from your bed (while besides for necessities), all you have to do is lay back and let the majesty of all that is good in the world warm your heart.
I know a thing or two about snuggling, mostly learned from John Stamos…but I digress. There is nothing more complimentary to a good snuggle then a great movie. So here are some movies that will have you jonesin’¬†for another snow storm…

Chris Brown Headlining Grammy Takeover Sweepstakes
Chris Brown Headlining Grammy Takeover Sweepstakes
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