The 10 Best Cities To Visit After You Turn The Big 21

Spencer Platt/Getty Images
Ah, the big 2-1! When you first wake up after your Hangover-style birthday celebration, it’s hard to see all the 21-year-old possibilities while you’re sipping water and removing your head from the toilet. It seems like your 21st birthday will never arrive in between ID pass backs and texts to friends making alcohol runs. Sure when you turn 16 and get your license, it’s beyond exciting. And when you turn 18, you’re finally legal with college on the horizon. Turning 20 is pretty cool, too, because you know you can never be on Teen Mom. But there is nothing like your 21st birthday.
Getting carded and finally (legally) getting that shiny wristband that screams “Buy me shots!” is really special, as is getting $21 from 21 different people or having the whole bar sing you “Happy Birthday.” The 21st birthday extravaganza is nothing short of incredible, but the fun doesn’t end there. ¬†Suddenly, you find yourself at bars all the time and grabbing pitchers with lunch before class. The 21-and-up bars aren’t crawling with freshmen, you can drive home under .08, and you can participate in bar crawls.
There’s a whole other world out there when you turn 21, and we’ve got the ultimate bucket list of places you should go once you cross over…

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