4 Nice Things and 1 Weird Thing You Can Do for a Soldier and Their Family

The war in Iraq has been officially declared over, which is great news. But America still has lots of soldiers abroad in Afghanistan and other countries all over the world. Chances are you have a friend or family member who is overseas serving in the military. Ever wonder what you can do for that military member and their family? Here are a few tips.
1. Send care packages to deployed soldiers. Baked goods that remind soldiers of home are a great idea, but simple, useful things like soap and razors are also handy.

2. Offer to babysit or help around the house. Families who have a parent or sibling overseas might need help with household tasks that their deployed family member would usually take care of.

3. Write lots of letters. The US military recommends writing short, frequent letters to keep your friend or family member in the loop. New letters will give them something to look forward to.

4. Use technology to your advantage. Many soldiers have access to email and skype now, so set aside time for a skype call or send off a quick email.

5. Buy them sex toys. RealTouch, a sex toy company, wants to donate toys to military families to help them keep their sex lives active while loved ones are abroad.

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