In Our Makeup Bag: Make Up For Ever Complexion Starter Kit

What It Is:
Make Up For Ever Complexion Starter Kit

Why This Should Be in Your Bag:

A gorgeous complexion starts with good skin, but there are lots of tools out there to help you fake it if you’re not quite there yet! Primer, foundation and powder create a flawless base that can help you feel your best. Make Up For Ever is one of my favourite brands for professional-quality makeup, but I had never tested out their famed HD Foundation. This set includes the HD primer, foundation and finishing powder to create a flawless, soft-touch look.

MUFE is also hosting a contest where one lucky fan will be named as the face of their new Unretouched campaign. Simply submit your photo to! The finalists will be posted on Facebook and the winner will be flown to NYC for a photoshoot in February. Make sure to enter!

How To Use It:
Start with fresh, clean skin and apply your primer with (also clean) fingers. Let it sink in for a moment and the apply the HD Foundation on top. Many people prefer using brushes, but I like to apply my foundation with my fingers, as I feel that creates a more natural finish and lighter coverage. If you’re looking for heavier coverage, definitely use a brush! Finish off with the HD Microfinish Powder, using the included Kabuki Brush.

Here are swatches of two different shades of HD Foundation – 115 Ivory and 118 Flesh. These two shades only have one in between them, but they do appear quite different. I find 115 Ivory is perfect for when I’m pale and 118 Flesh is better for warmer months or when I’m slightly tanned.

(115 Ivory, 118 Flesh)

CC Rating: A

Make Up For Ever is one of my favorite brands, mainly because they bring professional quality products to the masses. Their HD Foundation is amazing; it delivers on its promises of medium-to-full coverage, keeps oil at bay and creates a “soft focus” look to blur away imperfections. The shade range is also very expansive, so everyone should be able to find a match! I’ve previously reviewed the HD Microfinish Powder (which is one of my holy grail products), but the HD Primer was new to me as well. I liked it a lot and found that it did help extend the life of my foundation, however, it was very silicone-y. I prefer a primer that melts into my skin a bit better, as opposed to sitting on top.

Unfortunately, unless you’re going to use all of the products in this kit, you may be better buying them individually. For example, if you only want the foundation and powder, you’d be better to buy them separately, as you get a full-sized powder and foundation for $70. The powder in the kit is only about half of a full-sized container, as is the primer. The beauty of the kit is all the products together, and the bonus of a brush, but if you are on the fence about even one of the products, then go for separate full-sizes instead. If you don’t use the primer or powder, you’re wasting money!

However, this kit is great for someone new to the line or a fan of all products. You get a $109 worth of product for only $79, and free shipping if you buy from Sephora!

And don’t forget to enter the Unretouched contest! You could be the next face of Make Up For Ever HD products! Go to and submit a photo.

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