The 2012 Coachella Lineup…More Accurately

You probably have at least one friend who shelled out hundreds of dollars for a weekend pass to Coachella. They tweeted every step of their ultra-trendy adventure — from the highs of finding out the lineup (Ohmigod! Did you see!?), to the lows of being told that the ticket purchase site was overloaded (This is an injustice! Call Obama!). And finally, after trials, tribulations and sever pairs of neon Wayfarers snapped in angry fists, a window popped up and asked them to enter their billing information. Welcome to Coachella 2012.

You were jealous, naturally. The Black Keys? Florence and the Machine? Avicii? Dre. Dre? Ugh, your April is going to suck so hard when you’re stuck on campus and your BFF is off cavorting in a sunny California field with beautiful people. But reconsider, for a moment, what they’re really committing themselves to for three whole days. Huge bathroom lines, annoying people taking drugs for the first time, and the knowledge that you’ll never pull off Boho Chic quite as good as the hundred or so professional models in attendance. Oh, and the fact that the lineup is a little less fabulous than everyone’s expecting…

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