Here's Why Brian Williams is Awesome

I feel as though our generation has left watching a nightly news broadcast by the wayside. We’d rather get our news from Twitter and Facebook because it’s easier and more accessible. If this is the case about the youth today, then why do so many young people adore Brian Williams? The answer is simple: he does so much more than just broadcast the news. Recently Williams expressed his distain to Gawker for SNL musical guest, Lana Del Ray, who he felt had “one of the worst outings in SNL history.” Brian Williams reads Gawker! Just like us!
Brian Williams also appears frequently on Jimmy Fallon to “slow jam the news.” He guest starred on 30 Rock and had Tina Fey cracking up. He knows that he may be losing a youthful audience to the Internet, so he does his best to catch them in other ways such as buddying up with Fallon and Fey. Genius. Williams is a fox, but he is also funny and incredibly intelligent. And we love him!
Check out some of our favorite photos of the man who has been hailed the “Walter Cronkite of the 21st century.”

8 Under $20: Lulu's
8 Under $20: Lulu's
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