Diary of the Undateable: Sh*t Scaredy Cats Say

Have you ever  seen Alicia Keys’ music video for her song “You Don’t Know My Name?” She pines for super-hot hip hopper Mos Def for weeks because she’s too shy to make a move. When she finally asks him out, they live happily ever after in neo-soul land. I am so her…pre-happy ending. Except I’m too shy to make a move on a guy…ever.
I live for the feeling of having a new crush. It feels like the first day of school – butterflies, jitters and rainbows. The whole nine. My university has plenty of attractive young men, but the most random guys pique my interest. They vary from big, brawny football players or quiet, sensitive artists. My crush, Aiden, is a gorgeous PR major. I’m not using the term “gorgeous” lightly, either…I’m pretty sure he’s done some modeling. He has the most delicate bone structure I’ve ever seen on a man. Seriously. I haven’t seen a face like that in…well…ever. I’ve admired him from a distance since last year. And I’ll probably be keeping myself nine paces away.
Truthfully, I’m too afraid to talk to him. Too afraid of being forward and too afraid of rejection. The last guy I admitted my feelings to told all of his friends and they told their friends…it was a never-ending chain of embarrassment. This time, Aiden could easily be equally attracted to me or even have a secret crush on me…who knows? But taking the chance to find out is scarier than being on “Fear Factor.”

I’m the oldest sibling, so a lot of my knowledge – or lack there of – is based off trial and error. I was lucky to find a “big brother” in my coworker, Lorenzo. Lorenzo is tall, dark, handsome and straight — a certified catch in D.C.! Lorenzo knows the ladies.  He’s informed me to take the classic approach and try to be his friend – but not to initiate anything else.
“Don’t be too eager,” he said. “Start with a casual conversation and see where it leads to in a few months. You could always use a male friend.”
But every women’s magazine in America tells me otherwise. I’m supposed to go for the gold. I’m supposed to be alluring and sexy and smart and funny and fabulous – and then he’s supposed to fall into my open arms. Right?
Egads! I’m so confused. I can either risk my dignity and start flirting right away or potentially be stuck in the friend zone.
CollegeCandy readers, what should I do?
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Candy Dish: Man Candy
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