Yale Administration Approves Sex Week 2012

We’ve been keeping you up to date on the Yale Sex Week debacle, and there’s finally good news: Yale administrators have approved the proposal for Sex Week 2012! Back in November, the administration banned Yale Sex Week over the participation of the porn industry with some of the seminars and discussions. Needless to say, most of the students were not happy with the decision. After a bunch of complaints, President Levin allowed the directors of Sex Week to submit a new proposal to the administration. They really wanted it to happen as they felt it would benefit all students on campus, no matter what your sexual orientation is. The proposal was spot on, and it looks like it worked!
Last week, the administration approved the proposal and is allowing the use of Yale facilities. However, Yale will not be included in the name of the event. An email from Dean Mary Miller said although “some aspects of [the proposal] that do not seem to underpin our own educational mission,” the events have still been approved. The administration has not decided whether or not to provide financial support, which was requested in the proposal. The student directors said the week “will place a special emphasis on sexual health and female sexuality” but won’t stop talking about the controversial topics like pornography.
It’s also been announced in a press release that Anne Olivarius will be the Keynote Speaker for the event: “Ann Olivarius ‘77, first person to complete joint-degrees in the Yale Law School and the School of Management in three years, one of the first female Rhodes Scholars, and founding partner of the preeminent international corporate law firm McAllister Olivarius, will give Sex Week 2012’s keynote speech on sexual education and discourse as a means to prevent sexual violence.” She was a plaintiff in the 1980 Alexander v. Yale trial where students sued Yale for “alleged failure to provide a centralized grievance process for sexual harassment cases.” That case is similar to the one Yale is currently facing in violation of Title IX after the DKE fraternity scandal, which was filed by several students who feel Yale has failed in dealing with issues of sexual harassment and assault.
Maybe Sex Week’s comeback will inform the administration as well as the students.
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