Channing Tatum's 18 Hottest Moments [Photos]

When I saw the trailer for The Vow, my heart immediately went mushy and I told everyone I knew that I had to go see this movie the day it came out. (For those of you wondering, it’s being released February 10th.) Starring the ever-fabulous Rachel McAdams and completely gorgeous Channing Tatum, the movie tells the story about what happens to a couple after one of them sustains a memory-erasing head injury. Epic? Yup. Dramatic? Sounds like it. Will I cry? You bet. And I’ll love every minute of it.
Inspired by my excitement for the release of The Vow, I collected the hottest (hottest!) pictures of my #1 celeb crush, Mr. Tatum himself. Feast your eyes and get ready to see more of him in a gooey, ultra-emotional, super romantic state when the movie premieres! Gah!


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Celebrications: Celebrities on Jet Skis [Photos]
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