Sex in the News: To Cuddle or to Sleep?

It’s late at night and you’ve just had sex. Assuming you’re not about to bolt from the room (or kick your partner to the curb) you’ve reached a cross road. Do I cuddle or do I roll over and go to sleep? Both have their own implications. Cuddling allows you to continue to stay close to your partner, but well, sometimes you just want to pass out.
Evolutionary psychologists from University of Michigan and Pennsylvania’s Albright College decided it was about time someone looked into post-coital behaviour. Apparently all scientific research has been focused on what happens before you get it on. A total of 456 people participated in an online survey assessing “experiences and desires with one’s partner after sex.” The questions were related to who falls asleep after sex and who falls asleep first.
Though there was no evidence that men simply roll over and fall asleep first, it is suggested that when a couple does not have sex, the woman is more apt to fall asleep first. Susan Hughes, one of the study’s co-authors, suggested that men stay awake longer either to convince their partner to have sex, or as part of an ancient practice of protecting their woman.
For the person that is stuck awake while their partner snores beside them, the study showed a desire for more partner bonding. While Snoozy wants to achieve REM, Wide-Eye just wants to chat and cuddle.
Leah is in the final semester of her Bachelor of Journalism at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. Her life is currently dedicated to the Ryerson Review of Journalism. She makes darn good cupcakes and rolls over to sleep right after hitting “save draft” on any post. Follow her @ElleandBee.

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