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Celebrity Chic on the Cheap: Penelope Cruz is Gorgeous in Green


Penelope Cruz has been flying under the radar lately, so I was pleasantly surprised to see a photo of her this week looking just as stunning as ever. I’ve always liked Penelope. She seems really grounded and down-to-earth (even when she was dating Tom Cruise, which, as we all know, is enough to catapult anyone into questionable mental territory…). In addition to her seemingly chill personality, she possesses a classic, chic style that is visually intriguing while still being low-key.

green turtleneck – Banana Republic, $29.99//pink blazer – Forever 21, $29.80//jeans – Macy’s, $22.49//shoes – Endless, $22.96//bag – DSW, $49.84

Pink and green is a polarizing color combination, and I happen to land in favor of it. I think it’s fun and feminine. I’m particularly obsessed with this pink blazer, because it is so versatile and could be paired with nearly anything. The rest of the look is suitably neutral – flattering boot cut jeans, and beige accessories. I’m especially in love these beige ballet flats, as they have enough texture to not be hideously dull, but are still incredibly versatile. I think this is a great casual look that is made up of a ton of flexible pieces.

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