Hot or Hot Mess: Lea Michele at the People’s Choice Awards

Something just feels a bit off to me about this Marchesa dress. Lea Michele wore it to the People’s Choice Awards earlier this month. I tend to be a seriously opinionated person, especially when it comes to fashion, but I am pretty torn on this one. On first glance, I just thought she looked kind of revealed, wrapped in some thin thread that is likely to unravel at any given moment, leaving the Glee star rocking nothing but her birthday suit on the red carpet. I also don’t love the fringe on the bottom…
On second glance, I appreciate the intricate design, her pink lip, and the sheer fact that this dress isn’t very conventional. But I suppose that doesn’t necessarily make the dress attractive…
Like I said, I’m torn.
So what do you think, hot or hot mess?
Julianne is a senior originally from the Bay Area. She loves football, sushi, and sunshine. Ultimately, she spends far too much time lusting after red-soled shoes and reading fashion blogs. 

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