Probably the Best Google Chrome App Ever Made

A few days ago, our CollegeCandy Facebook page (Which you should all become a fan of! Plug!) posted a silly photo of a fake pop-up that would come up on your computer screen if you decided to stalk your ex. It warns of the pain and suffering you will ultimately feel once you look at all their recent photos and see how insanely happy they are. CollegeCandy readers loved it and all commented on how funny it would be if something so awesome actually existed!
Well, one reader was up for the challenge of bringing this app to life.
Thomas Frank, an Iowa State student and computer whiz, actually made an application for Google Chrome! This app creates a pop-up that will warn you of the consequences of the emotional cutting you are about to do. Obviously for some of us this warning may make us hesitate for a moment, but ultimately go through with the self-inflicted pain fest, which is why Frank allowed for a “disable” feature in case you just can’t not look.
Check out the awesome app in the Google Chrome web store!

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