One More Reason to Adore Melissa McCarthy [Video]

Not to get all hipster “I liked it before it was COOL” on you guys, but I have loved Melissa McCarthy since she played the role of¬†Sookie St. James on Gilmore Girls. She was the much needed comic relief when the actual girls “witty” banter got to be super annoying.
Ever since Bridesmaids and her Emmy award winning role as Molly in the CBS sitcom, “Mike and Molly,” Melissa McCarthy is stealing every single person’s heart. She is talented,¬†beautiful and hilarious! Ellen DeGeneres posted a new clip on her YouTube page from when McCarthy stopped by her show recently to talk about the Golden Globes. Her hilarious encounters with other celebrities had everyone cracking up. Check it out below!
To see more great clips from Ellen, check out her YouTube channel!

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