Umm…Xtina, What’s Dripping Down Your Legs?

On Saturday, Christina Aguilera performed a tribute at Etta James’s funeral in Los Angeles. She sang “At Last,” Etta’s most famous song. But even though she sounded great, the crowd was distracted by something. Christina had some kind of weird, brownish fluid dripping down her legs.

Lots of theories are going around about what that strange stuff might have been. One of the latest rumors is that Christina had an “accident” on stage. No, people don’t think she peed her pants. They think she had her period and forgot to put in a tampon. Come on, people. This isn’t middle school. Christina’s a big girl, and we’re sure she has her lady problems under control. Besides, that’s not what it would have looked like if she had gotten her period on stage. Her are a few of our suggestions about what might have really gone wrong.

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