Did You Know CollegeCandy Has A Newsletter?

It’s true! We do! And it’s as jam-packed full of awesome as your regular CollegeCandy is. Except it’s delivered straight to your inbox. You don’t even have to muster up the energy to type in a URL — you just have to open up your email inbox. So now when you’re in desperate need of procrastination to avoid that ridiculous PoliSci paper, CollegeCandy is just a click away. Since it comes out on Tuesdays and Thursdays, it’s basically the perfect excuse to take a break when you have to get work done, but really wish it was Friday.

The newsletter has gotten a major makeover lately — basically, it got some kickin’ plastic surgery and it is ready for its close up… wit you, girl. Give it the attention is desperately needs and sign up here!

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