In Our Makeup Bag: Mary Kay Cream Eye Color

What It Is:
Mary Kay Cream Eye Color in Pale Blush, Beach Blonde and Apricot Twist

Why This Should Be in Your Bag:
Cream eyeshadows are a great and versatile tool to have in your makeup bag. They can be used on their own, to give a shiny wash of color, or as a base to give longevity to your powder shadows or amp up their pigmentation. I love using cream shadows when I don’t have much time to do my makeup; they help me to look polished and are so quick!
Mary Kay is a brand you don’t see much of on beauty blogs. It’s sold through consultants, as opposed to the internet or giant beauty chains, and is often overlooked. However, I think this brand has a few gems to offer and I can’t wait to share them with you!
How To Use It:
Just like most cream eyeshadows, the Mary Kay Cream Eye Color come in small, round pots with twist-off lids. I prefer to apply them with my finger, but any stiff, flat brush will do. The initial swipe of color is slightly sheer, but fear not, you can build these babies up to your liking.
Like I alluded to earlier, you can also use these as a primer or base to intensify your shadows and make your look long-wearing. Check out the swatches below to see how the shades compare.

(L-R: Apricot Twist, Pale Blush, Beach Blonde)

CC Rating: A+
I have to admit, I was totally hesitant about the Mary Kay Cream Eye Colors. MAC Paint Pots, which are pretty much the holy-grail of cream eyeshadows, don’t really work on me and end up creasing or melting away. However, I was pleasantly surprised! Beach Blonde lasted ALL DAY on me, with no creasing for at least 6-7 hours.
Application was also a dream. I find Benefit’s Creaseless Creams to be a bit too slippery, but Mary Kay Cream Eye Color was thicker and made it easy to apply a proper layer. They reminded me of Maybelline Color Tattoos, but didn’t dry down the second they were applied; I was still able to work with it a bit. My favorite thing has to be that they are so pigmented – sheer cream eyeshadows drive me insane!
And the prices is also a winner for me. At only $13.50, these are cheaper than all of the alternatives I’ve mentioned (except the new Maybelline Color Tattoos). If you’re a cream eyeshadow lover or looking for a new base, you need to check out Mary Kay Cream Eye Color!
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