Sex in the News: Pit Dating

Over the past few decades, the way people date has drastically changed. Instead of being limited to your social circle or areas that you frequent, now it seems like the whole world is your oyster to date. You could try creating an online profile and choosing someone based off their looks and common interests. Or you could try speed dating, judging someone based on a few minutes of conversation. But would you try dating someone based on their smell?
Yes, you read that right. Judith Prays, an Atlanta-based artist, held her first “Pheromone Party” in late 2010. Forty people were invited to the party. Twelve of those people “hooked up” (no definition included). Six of those (that “hooked up”) began relationships. The odds aren’t all that bad. So, how does sniff and date work?
1. Send picture of armpit with RSVP to the party.
2. Wear the same t-shirt to bed for three nights without wearing perfume or deodorant.
3. Bring shirt to party, put into numbered bags marked pink and blue (her parties stuck to heterosexual partner matching). Walk away.
4. Go through bags and sniff. Indicate your favorites by taking a picture with their bag, breaking the ice and launching an introduction.
5. Date. Fall in Love. Break up. Really just chose your own adventure at this point.
It’s not really that difficult a concept, but the results seemed pretty high. But are you really that surprised? Many animals sniff each other and although we mask our natural scents with cologne and perfume, science says that pheromones trigger a response within a certain species.
So, let’s have it. Would you sniff and date?

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