Web Spy: FollowUp.cc

With so much going on in our lives, it’s almost impossible to remember everything you have to do. Sometimes, things just slip through the cracks. While it can’t help you with everything, FollowUp.cc can help make sure you don’t forget to follow up on any important emails.

Here’s how it works: when you get an important email you want to remember to follow up on, just send the email (either as a forward or BCC on your response) to one of the many reminder email addresses FollowUp.cc has. For example, if you want to remember on Friday, send the email to friday@followup.cc, or if you want a reminder on January 31, send it to jan31@followup.cc, etc. (there are lots more examples on their site).

When you log into the site, you’ll find a calendar with all your upcoming reminders. The calendar also integrates with iCal, so you can access your reminders on your phone or computer. The site also features “Snooze Links,” which allow you to snooze a reminder and get back to it later.

Try it next time you get an email from your professor about changes to an assignment or when you get word about an internship you’d be perfect for, and never worry about missing out on something important ever again!

Laura is a St. John’s University grad who spends way too much time watching TV and imagining the characters are her best friends. She’s addicted to online shopping, dessert, and Pinterest. Follow her life at @lkdondero.

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