Wrap It Up! February is National Condom Month

February is National Condom Month, which is something we at CollegeCandy take pretty seriously. For real, the best kind of sex is safe sex, for a number of different reasons, and making the conscious decision to use condoms or other contraceptives is taking charge of your sex life in a really positive way.
Even the porn industry seems to be taking notice! Recently the Los Angeles City Council voted 9-1 to grant approval to an ordinance that would require the city to deny all permits in which “actors” were not following the condom requirement. Now, the LA porn industry is pissed because all their actors are being forced to wear condoms. According to USA Today, about 90% of the porn we all watch (and admit it — you’ve watched some porn, don’t be shy ladies) is filmed in Los Angeles. That means roughly 90% of the porn our boyfriends, friends-with-benefits and guys that live on our floors are watching is coming from LA. What does this ordinance mean for the porn industry? Well, even though technically the producers could film outside of the city limits of LA, hopefully this law will spur a chain reaction of laws protecting those in the industry from STDs and promoting safe sex.
While the ordinance is a great idea for the actors, I think it’s even more important for the fans of porn. We’re wondering what sort of impact this going to have on the aforementioned porn lovers in our lives. We all know that guys love to imitate what they see in porn — hence the popularity of anal sex, “facials,” and the idea that all women are down for a threesome – I mean what IS that about?! If men (and women) are consistently watching porn where condoms are present, I wonder (and kind of hope) that men start seeing condom usage as not a nuisance, but something that is just second nature.
If anything, hopefully this ordinance will spark both fans and familiars of the porn industry to get informed about condom usage and other ways to protect themselves when having sex. In honor of National Condom Month, I will leave you with this – Don’t Be a Fool, Wrap Your Tool.

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