Hot or Hot Mess: Rose Byrne at the SAG Awards

Rose Byrne opted to wear a vintage Elie Saab jumpsuit on the red carpet this past weekend. I am normally all about the rompers and jumpsuits (even at fancy events like this one) but this one is leaving me pretty uneasy. Byrne certainly has the body to pull of anything but, when push comes to shove, I’m just not feeling it.
There are a whole lot of sparkles, textures and general retro-ness going on with this outfit (hello, shoulder detailing). I kind of wish I could just chop the bottom off of this jumpsuit and send the Bridesmaids actress on her way.
Come to think of it, I might fix her bob at the same time…
So what do you think, hot or hot mess?
Julianne is a senior originally from the Bay Area. She loves football, sushi, and sunshine. Ultimately, she spends far too much time lusting after red-soled shoes and reading fashion blogs. 

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