Diary of the Undateable: No Aprons Allowed

I was Twatching the other day and saw something rather alarming. [Editor’s Note: Twatching? New word alert! Love.] This guy was saying how he expects his wife to cook, clean and take care of his children despite the fact that she’ll be college educated. He wants to be the sole breadwinner of their household – “it’s the only way things work,” he Tweeted. I’m sure that he wants the whole bit – a piping hot dinner at 6 p.m sharp, a strand of pearls affixed to wifey’s neck complete with a frilly Anthropologie apron. Even though it may be his fantasy, I think that it’s bullcrap.com.
The nuclear family structure from yesteryear is no secret. Everyone had his or her place, and dad was at the top. But come on, it’s 2012! The roles have changed. There are countless powerful women running companies across the globe, heading national magazines while running households more efficiently than an army. Who run the world?!
Maybe – just maybe – some guys are just intimidated. Maybe they want to feel that they’re bigger, smarter, faster and any other empowering adjective you can think of.
It takes me back to the ABC special that I mentioned a few weeks ago. It seemed like these ladies crushed male egos with the soles of their Louboutins. I’m already seeing it happen with my girls, too. My friend Lenia is spending a semester in New York City. She’s at one of the best schools in the country and interning at a top news outlet. She has so much going for herself and still can’t find a date in “Man”hattan. “Guys want me to be dumb,” she told me. “They don’t like it when I know more than them.” I think it’s so, so sad.
I grew up in a household where my grandmother did nice stuff for my grandfather because she wanted to, not because she had to. She did it out of love. It wasn’t a power struggle – she just wanted to make him smile. I’m down for being domestic if needed, but I don’t want it to be a jail sentence like the Tweeting a**hole made it out to be.
When I begin to gain footing on my career path and build my fabulous professional network, will that get in the way of a possible relationship or a family? Will I be able to climb my personal career ladder without critique from romantic naysayers?
CollegeCandy ladies (and gents), talk to me. Is it necessary to dumb it down?
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