One Month Challenge: Eating Clean, Week 1

Eating Clean: The act of eliminating foods that are processed and/or nutritionally devoid.  (This includes choosing complex carb products over simple – i.e. brown rice over white rice.)

Advocates of “eating clean” tout a laundry list of benefits – more energy, better skin, weight-loss, and better muscle definition, etc…  They say that one should see a different within a couple of weeks – so I thought, how about a month? Then I thought, why keep all these benefits to myself? As your kindergarten teacher would say, sharing is caring!

So how is this really a challenge? As a recent college grad trying to make my way in the big city (NYC) with a roughly 50-60 hour work week on average, my schedule is pretty tight – especially if I want to fit in regular workouts, maintain my friendships and read CollegeCandy! [Editor’s Note: Awwww!]

Originally, I had sort of thought it would be an easy challenge since I usually make a point of eating as healthily as possible. Well, as I went to the grocery store to do some preliminary research, I noticed that one had to be focused on finding foods that fit the criteria for “eating clean.” Shockingly (or maybe not), some of the worst offenders were the “healthy” or “diet” choice options. Now I realize that successfully completing this month’s challenge is going to take commitment, and so the next week will be about making a plan to deal with any potential pitfalls – i.e. working late at the office (a major point of concern in my line of work).

I just want to emphasize that this challenge is not about promoting a new diet fad nor a quick fix for rapid weight-loss.  In fact, in some ways it’s about just the opposite – it’s about forcing myself to take a hard look at what I am putting into my body on a day-to-day basis.  It’s high time that I deal with the inescapable fact that I cannot recognize half the ingredients present in my dinner – without a degree in Biology or Chemistry…

Feel free to join in and share your own experiences and of course yummy recipes are always appreciated!

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