Beauty on a Budget: Garnier Fructis Anti-Humidity Smoothing Milk

One great thing about winter weather: it makes hair styling a thousand times easier. Come summer time, the heat does a real number on a gal’s hair and, even though it’ll be months before we need to worry about it, I have to share my ultimate hair styling product, straight out of the drug store.
Garnier Fructis Anti-Humidity Smoothing Milk is a godsend for anyone with hair that seems to bounce back to being curly the second you step out the door (like myself). My hair is also super thin and this is one of the only hair creams that doesn’t weigh it down and make it look greasy. It actually does just what it’s supposed to: keeps your hair from becoming a frizzball and keeps it smooth.
The key, though, is to only use a drop. Like I mentioned, my hair is thin so if you have thick hair you can probably get away with more, but use it sparingly. Another tip: use the smoothing milk only on the tips or bottom half of your hair, never directly on your roots. This can also be so helpful if you’re overdue for a haircut. A little dab of this cream and it’s like a quick cover up on your split ends. Seriously, it’s magic.

And, as always, the best part of all is this product will set you back only about $5 a bottle. Since you only need a drop at a time, it will last you forever. So get started using it on a stubborn hair day in winter, and by summer it’ll be your best friend.
[Editor’s Note: So much love for this product. It got me frizz-free through many Southern summer nights at the bars in college. Two thumbs way up!]

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